Everyone's favorite potato product. Specifically engineered to produce a crisp, golden chip, our round white chipping potatoes are fry-tested and processed to perfection. Our specialized breeding programs and climate-controlled storage ensure you receive the firmest, cleanest, highest-quality potatoes around. Your customers will notice the difference.

Available year-round.

Fresh Pack Potatoes

The best-looking, best-tasting potatoes in the store. At Lennard Ag, we grow top-quality russet potatoes and distribute them to suppliers across the country, for bulk or individual sale. Our comprehensive quality-control processes and dedicated shipping fleet ensure you receive excellent, bruise-free potatoes at the best possible priceon time, every time. 

Available year-round.




Our processing potatoes are the foundation of some of your customers' most well-loved products. The best products start with the best ingredients, and we pride ourselves on consistently delivering potatoes with just the right moisture, fat and starch content. So you can focus on what you do best: making products that keep people happy.

Available year-round.