At Lennard Ag, we adhere to rigorous quality control standards and practices from the first seed cut through planting, harvesting, storage and delivery. As third-generation farmers, we understand that every part of the process matters to the production of a superior product. To that end, we follow international best practices for agricultural production, and our operations are GlobalG.A.P. certified.

Our commitment to quality begins with the best seed on the market and rich, fertile soil. We employ bruise-free harvesting and handling techniques and use climate-controlled storage facilities to ensure our clients have year-round access to fresh, high-quality potatoes. We aggressively test and re-test our products—right up to the moment we pass them off to you.



We use technology to maximize quality and productivity throughout our production processes. Our logistics software is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing ERP systems, and all clients receive digital access to real-time quality reports and GPS tracking data on every shipment—so you will always know the precise status and location of your order. 

We've dedicated ourselves to state-of-the art processing from seed to delivery, including refrigerated, climate-controlled storage facilities. Our precision agriculture practices and web-based quality control systems were developed in-house to our exact specifications, and we're constantly working on new, innovative ways to streamline operations and better serve the needs of our clients. 



Lennard Ag maintains the highest percentage of on-time deliveries among regional competitors. Our centralized location and dedicated trucking fleet give us—and, by extension, our clients—greater control and flexibility over product shipments. And because we use advanced order management and fleet tracking systems, we have the capability to make on-demand adjustments to production flow.

Our approach to customer service is characterized by communication, flexibility, and accountability. Clients have ongoing access to product data, and with 24/7 product and shipping support, a representative is always available to meet your needs. And if you have concerns about any part of this process, you'll speak directly with the owners of the company.